Year: 2023 | Month: September | Volume 10 | Issue 3

Constraints Faced by the Field Veterinarians in Livestock Insurance Scheme under National Livestock Mission

Prabu M. A. Serma Saravana Pandian and J. Shilpa Shree


Insurance for livestock is more essential because agriculture is main occupation in India and our national income mainly depends on agriculture sector. Many people involved in agriculture farming & dairying are benefited through livestock insurance but that benefit is not reaching to all. Hence, in the research an attempt is made to study the various constraints faced by field veterinarians in insuring the animals under National Livestock Mission. Altogether thirty one districts are distributed among seven agro climatic zones of Tamil Nadu. From each district of Tamil Nadu, 30 insured farmers were selected by simple random sampling procedure, so as to have a total sample of 930 milch cow beneficiaries. The results indicated that most of the Veterinarians felt that insuring the animals and claiming the settlement involvement involves so much procedure and formalities which needs so much paper work and consumes lot of time and energy and hence considered as the top most constraint in implementing the scheme followed by engaged in different activities and Claim procedure difficulties. The veterinarians felt that the scheme to be successful, the first thing to do is to make prompt settlements within a stipulated time period say 60-90 days which would create positive impact and the implementation mechanism has to be simpler, hassle free and prompt to make it successful. Hence, necessary steps may be taken to make the livestock insurance services available at doorsteps of the farmers / villages and individual animal assessment which would make the scheme more popular and bring more and more farmers under the ambit of the scheme. 

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