Sudhakar Dwivedi' s Articles

A Study of Temporal Changes in Land Use and Cropping Pattern in Jammu district of J&K State Coming Soon
Economic Scenario of Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition in India Coming Soon
Back Yard Poultry Production in Mahoba: A Socio-Economic Analysis 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00004.3
Management practices in Broiler Farming: A study of farms around Jammu city of Jammu & Kashmir State 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00006.7
Strawberry Production for diversifying Agricultural Income: A Succcess Story from Samba district of J&K 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00008.0
An Overview of Fisheries and Aquaculture in India 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00011.0
Assessment of Marketable and Marketed Surplus of Rice in Relation to Farm Size 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00013.4
India and Afghanistan: An Overview of their Economic Relations 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00015.8
Socio-Economic Analysis of Goat Rearing Farmers in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00016.X
Impact of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme on Input Use: An Economic Analysis of Non-Basmati Rice Crop 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00019.5
Economics of Milk Production Among Dairy Farmers (Gujjars) in Intermediate Zones of Jammu Region of J&K State 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00004.9
Effect of Superliv Feed Supplement on Growth Performance and Haemato-Biochemical Parameters of Broiler 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00009.8
A Study of Status and Scenario of Retail Outlets of Biscuits of Britannia Industries Ltd. Coming Soon
Cause Importance and Cause Familiarity of the “Aashirvaad-Boond Se Sagar Initiative” of ITC in Jammu City 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00011.6
Exploring Business Opportunities for Reitzel Products in Jammu and Kashmir 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00013.X
Socio-Economic Features of Intermediaries and Transaction Pattern of Agricultural Commodities in Narwal Mandi, Jammu 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00018.9
A Study of Consumer Awareness and Perception towards Shopping of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Jammu Region 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00019.0
Resource Use Efficiency of Major Field Crops in Reasi District of Jammu Region of Jammu and Kashmir State 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00004.4
Doubling Farmers’ Income by 2022: A Critical Appraisal 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00006.8
Study of Retailer’s Satisfaction towards Distribution Channel of Amul Products in Jammu 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00008.1
Economic and Production Constraints for Niche crops in Jammu & Kashmir 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00011.1
Analytical Study on Effect of Stress on the Employee Performance: A Case of Agri-Business Retail Outlets in Jammu 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00018.4
Forecasting Maize Production in India using ARIMA Model 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.1
Sources and Effects of Stress among Agricultural University Students 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.7
Customer Perception towards Organised and Unorganised Food Retailers in Jammu 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.8
Consumer Behaviour and Consumption Pattern Towards Ready to Eat Food Products in Jammu City NA
Perception towards Influence of Climate Change on Human Health and Environment 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2018.3
Customer Satisfaction towards Branded Food Products 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2018.4
Capital Investment Structure of Broiler Production Units in Kathua District of J&K State 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2019.7
Farmers’ Perception towards Certified and Farm Produce Seeds of Cereals 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2019.8
Efficiency under Integrated Farming Systems – A Review 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.1
Consumer Behaviour Towards Milk and Milk Products: Case of Diary Cooperative of Uttarkhand 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2020.11
Financial Analysis of Basmati Rice Production in Jammu Region of J&K, India 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.4
Total Factor Productivity and Supply- Demand Gap Analysis of Wheat in Sub-tropics of Jammu Region of Jammu and Kashmir 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.6
Farmers Consciousness on Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture and Allied Sector in Kashmir 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.7
A Study of Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products in UT of Jammu and Kashmir 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.8
Agriculture as a Tool to Boost Economy Post Covid-19 Pandemic 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.9
Effects of Electronic Banking on Agricultural Entrepreneurs 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.11
A Comparative Study on Farmers Buying Pattern towards Chemical and Bio Fertilizers 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.12
A Study of Marketable Surplus, Marketed Surplus and Price Spread of Basmati Rice 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.2
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Usage of Electronic Financial Products 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.4
An Empirical Study on Farmers’ Perception towards the use of Chemicals and Bio-Fertilizers 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.5
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Agribusiness Start-ups: Case of Jammu City 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.7
Agribusiness in India: An Overview 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.11
Hybrid Vegetable Seed Usage in Jammu and Kashmir: Gender Perspective 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.7
Economics and Production Pattern of Maize Crop under Rainfed Conditions in the Jammu Region of Jammu & Kashmir State 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.9
Success Stories of Resource Utilization and IPM Interventions of Vegetable Growers 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.2
A Study on Perception of Customers Towards Product Appearance of Packaged Food Products for Children 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.11
Agribusiness as a Platform for Manifold Income and Growth 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.12
A Study on Hybrid Vegetable Seed Purchasing Preference by Farmers of Jammu District 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.13
Profitability and Resource Use Efficiency of Mustard in Jammu District of J&K (UT) 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.15

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