Year: 2023 | Month: September | Volume 10 | Issue 3

Income and Employment Patterns of Tribal and Non-Tribal Households of Jashpur District: A Comparative Study

Shubhi Singh A.K. Gauraha Shubham Kumar Thakur Roshni Verma and Chandrakala


This research paper aims to analyze and compare the income and employment structures of tribal and non-tribal households in Pathalgaon, Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh, India. The study employed a multistage random
sampling technique to select the district, block, villages, and farm households. Primary data were collected
through farm-level surveys, and secondary data were collected from published sources of various government and non-government organizations. The study investigates the sources of income and employment patterns in these two groups, highlighting the differences and potential factors influencing them. The data used in the analysis is derived from a comprehensive survey conducted among households from both tribal and non-tribal communities. The findings reveal distinct disparities in the income and employment structures between tribal and non-tribal households. Tribal households predominantly rely on on-farm activities such as crop cultivation and livestock farming as their primary source of income. Non-tribal households, on the other hand, exhibit a more diversified income portfolio, with significant contributions from off-farm activities, non-farm wage employment, business ventures, and government or private services. The research findings suggest the need for targeted policies and interventions to address the income and employment disparities between tribal and non-tribal households. Efforts
should focus on enhancing educational opportunities, providing skill development programs, and expanding
non-farm employment opportunities for tribal communities. Additionally, measures to improve land ownership
and resource access for tribal households can contribute to bridging the income and employment gaps.

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