Year: 2023 | Month: September | Volume 10 | Issue 3

Women Empowerment in Rural-Urban Interface of Bengaluru: An Approach through Supply Chain Management

Shivagangavva P.D. and Gaddi G.M.


Study conducted within the rural-urban interface of Bengaluru, this study collected data from women engaged in
both dairy and non-dairy activities. Findings emphasized the significant role women play in income generation
within the dairy sector, actively contributing through animal care and milk supply chain involvement. Notably,
crossbreed cows exhibited higher profitability compared to local breeds. A substantial income disparity emerged
between dairy-involved women (` 78,804) and non-dairy participants (` 52,933), with dairy women earning more
despite dedicating less time. Rural women, equipped with essential indigenous knowledge, skills, and resources,
demonstrate the potential to establish and manage enterprises. Women entrepreneur networks are pivotal
sources of knowledge and are increasingly recognized as invaluable tools for fostering and advancing women’s
entrepreneurship. Thus, promoting the formation and strengthening of rural women entrepreneur networks
becomes essential, harnessing their capabilities for development and empowerment.

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