Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 9 | Issue 4

Constraints of different Stakeholders in Production and Marketing of Crossandra in Chickballapur District, Karnataka

K.M. Suman B.N. Manjunatha S.S. Pramod Nayak


The study was conducted to assess the socio-economic characteristics, land holding, Farm inventory and constraints faced in production and marketing of Crossandra in Chickballapur district. The primary data were collected from 60 farmers and 20 market intermediaries. The study revealed 46.67 per cent of the respondents were middle age (35-50 year) and 70 per cent of respondents were under the category of medium size (4-6 members) family so it helps to reduces the cost of hired labour and removes uncertainty with timely supply of labour force. 88.33 per cent of the sample farmers are literate having their formal education ranging from primary to above graduation. 100 per cent of respondent’s family depends on agriculture for their livelihood and employment. The average landholding of farmer 2.85 acre and 75 per cent have source of irrigation through bore well. The possession of farm inventory 75 per cent of Pumpset and followed by drip irrigation set (71.67 %) and farmhouse (63.33%). 49 households maintained (137) cows, followed by 90 sheep’s in 4 households, 18 goats in 1 household, 5 buffaloes in 2 households and 1 bullock pair in 1 household. That Lack of adequate training to farmers on crop management, lack of technical knowledge regarding crop cultivation, non-availability of skilled labourers, lack of availability of seedlings/ high cost of planting materials and damage due to pest and diseases were the major production constraints. The major constraints related to marketing were lack of organization, price fluctuation, lack of awareness about market information and intelligence and heavy commission charges. 

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