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Year: 2019 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 2

Trends in Agriculture of Yavatmal Maharashtra (India): District Level Analysis

Sanjay Tupe and Vaishali Joshi


Present paper studies the changes in the cropping pattern of crops in Yavatmal district as case study for the period 1991-2010. We divide the period into two distinct periods: 1991-2000 and 2001-2010. The trends in the production of Cereal Crops, Pulses and Cash Crops are observed using mean comparison T test and Dummy variable regression model. These statistical and simple econometric exercises support the noticeable change occurred in the cropping pattern in the Yavatmal district during the economic reforms period. The results can be concluded as the production of wheat increased marginally but production of Jawar crops has drastically declined from 2206.3 mean value to 990.4, and its place has been taken over by Soybean and Sunflower crops during the study period. The production of Bajara declined. The over all production trends in the cereal is a cause of concern for the government in particular and public in general. The mean value of cereal is declined from 2515.6 to 1266.7, which is significant change at 1% level of significance. If this trend remains continue in the coming years, it would be alarming bell for of us.

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