Year: 2016 | Month: June | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Impact of Herbal Antioxidant Supplementation on Growth Performance of Broiler

Ramji Gupta Sudhir Kumar Rawat Ajit Kumar and Vimal Kumar


The present experiment was conducted on a study the effect of herbal antioxidant supplementation Satawari on the performance of broiler chicks. The experimentwas conducted atUniversity poultry farm. Day old chicks were selected from university hatchery and divided into 3 groups G1, G2, and G3 each group was 15 chicks. The chicks of group first were served as control group, while G2, G3 were control received herbal antioxidant supplementation and combination of herbal antioxidant supplementation of Satawari. The effect of the treatment on the performance of broiler chicks was studied up to 6 week of age. Following parameters were observed and the data were statistically’ analyzed. From present investigation, it was concluded that Application of herbal antioxidant supplementation Satawari in the diet of broiler chicks improved the growth rate but did not show any effect of consumption. It was also concluded that the herbal antioxidant supplementation benefit for day old chick’s. Satawari (2%) were found is best as compared to Satawari (1%).

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