The application of general principles of economics in the field of agriculture constitutes the subject matter of Agricultural Economics. Agricultural Economics is an important branch of agricultural sciences which deals with the economic aspect of agricultural operations. In the present globalized world, every human activity has a commercial angle. Agriculture is no different, and every agricultural operation involves commercial point of view. In developing countries of the world, one can also witness a continuous shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture. With the challenge of WTO at our doorsteps, we need to work out the real economics of our agriculture so that we can make it more competitive at a global level by bringing out desired positive changes.
 Every day new technologies in the field of agriculture are being generated by the scientists, the adoption of which is dependent upon their comparative advantage in relation to prevailed and adopted technologies. Similarly, the crucial relation between agriculture and natural resources is to be considered from economic sense to find out the real costs and returns in agriculture. Critical analysis of economics for management of diseases and pests can provide useful guidelines to increase production and reduce negative effects on the environment. So there is a need to analyze all such economic aspects in agriculture and more importantly all such works need to be published for wide circulation among the scientific community. Keeping in view all such facts, the attempt for publishing a journal exclusively for covering the economic aspects of agriculture is highly appreciable and I congratulate Renu Publishers, New Delhi for initiating a step to publish Agro-Economist, an international journal. I wish the journal very best and hope it will serve the scientific community for a long time. 
Sudhakar Dwivedi
Associate Professor
Division of Agricultural Economics & Statistics
SKUAST-Jammu (India)

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