Vikas Kumar' s Articles

Impact of improved technology of oat fodder production on farmers’ income Coming Soon
Assessment of Marketable and Marketed Surplus of Rice in Relation to Farm Size 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00013.4
Economic analysis of scientific sorghum fodder production technology and its comparative impact on farmers’ livelihood 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00018.3
Cost Structure and Magnitude of Profit in Wheat Cultivation 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00001.3
Impact of Self-help Groups on Improvement of Livestock Resources of Farmers 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00003.7
Analysis of Resource Use by Paddy Growers of District Etah of Uttar Pradesh 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00010.4
Magnitude and Incidence of Agricultural Indebtedness in Bihar 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00016.5
Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency in Wheat Cultivation in Etah District of U.P. 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00020.7
Effect of Agro-economic Variables on Disbursement of Agricultural Credit in Bihar 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00001.9
An Economic Analysis of Sorghum Seed Production: A Profitable Enterprise for Farmers 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00003.2
Marketing Channels, Marketing Cost, Margin and Producer’s Share in Consumer’s Rupee in Paddy Marketing 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00005.6
Impact of Socio-Economic Variables on Disbursement of Agricultural Loan 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00010.X
Economic analysis of Maize Seed Production on Farmers’ Fields 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00012.3
Impact of Socio-economic Variables on Disbursement of Agricultural Credit 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2019.4
Assessing the Factors Contributing to Farmers’ Income 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.2
Management of Grasslands in India: A Policy Perspective 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.4
Research Prioritization through Identification of Production Constraints in Agriculture 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.5
Comparative Economics of Pulses and Wheat Production in Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.3
Performance Analysis of National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) and Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.10
Magnitude, Direction and Determinants of Basmati Rice Export of India 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.9

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