A.K.' s Articles

Household Food Security through Kitchen Garden: A Practically Workable Step by KVKs in U.P. State Coming Soon
In vitro morphogenesis studies in gerbera jamesonii bolus ex hooker F. Coming Soon
Entrepreneurship Development Through Preparation of Jute Diversified Products and Efficient Marketing 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2018.4
Technological and extension gaps in maize production under rainfed ecosystem 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.8
Resource Use Scenario in Indian Agriculture - An Analytical Approach 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2020.5
Financial Analysis of Basmati Rice Production in Jammu Region of J&K, India 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.4
A Study on Structural Changes in Operational Holding in India: An Analytical Approach 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.8
An Exploring Scenario of Gender Earning Differential in Flower Trading Market in Peculiar Flower Growing Districts of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.4
Income and Employment Patterns of Tribal and Non-Tribal Households of Jashpur District: A Comparative Study 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.5
Sustainable Groundnut Cultivation: A Comparative Study of Resource Use Efficiency in Tribal and Nontribal Farming Communities in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.9
Socio-economic Study of Out Migration in Hills of Uttarakhand 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2023.1

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