Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Stress Attributes and their Association with Self-Efficacy of Farmers: An Exploratory Study

Abid Sultan Rafia N. Zargar F.A. Shaheen Arshad Bhat K. Gautam


The occurrence of stress is becoming a common characteristic among all professions, including farming. Stress being a “double-edged sword” influences the behavior, performance capabilities, and competencies of every individual. Measurement of stress among white and blue-collar jobs has been extensively studied. However, the examination of stress among the farming community of developing countries, especially at the regional levels, has remained largely unexplored. Further, there is a dearth of studies analyzing stress parameters among farming communities viz-a-viz psychological constructs such as self-efficacy. The study used a well-structured questionnaire having statements of stress parameters and self-efficacy for measuring the association and influence of stress parameters on self-efficacy. The results revealed a negative relationship between the dependent variable (self-efficacy) and independent variables (stress). Result outcomes demonstrate that stress affects self-efficacy levels among the farmers and thus increase their vulnerability. The study provides insightful cues towards understanding farmers and the farming profession on the psychological pattern. Therefore, it provides a strategic perspective to the policymakers and practitioners for creating various interventions that can make farming an embellished and lucrative profession, particularly at the regional levels where resource constraints and inequitable development is common phenomena. Moreover, it can also contribute towards developing sustainability in the agriculture/horticulture sectors.

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