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Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Agro Informatics Vis-à-Vis Internet of Things (IoT) Integration & Potentialities—An Analysis

P.K. Paul Ricardo Saavedra P.S. Aithal3 R.R. Sinha Bashiru Aremu


Agriculture is the most valuable term and becomes a necessity of human beings. Agriculture is a kind of producing that is responsible for farming or clearly on food and feed, fiber and other items with the help of cultivation of certain plants; however, in broader context agriculture also means as domestic animals. The cultivation and agricultural process in the recent past has changed rapidly and there are many tools, technologies being incorporated for a healthy agricultural process. The Applications of Information and Communication Technologies led the advanced agricultural systems. And these are called as Smart Agriculture. In general, the application of IT and Computing in Agriculture field is called Agro Informatics. With the development of Agro Informatics, the recent concept of Smart Agriculture or Farming has arrived. These various advanced and modern technologies are using for enhancing the quantity as well as the quality of agricultural systems, cultivation and ultimately the products. In the recent past, the cultivators of modern age are associated with modern technologies like GPS, soil scanning, websites, cloud based data management services, basic internet and also Internet of Things based technologies. Adapting modern strategy, now the farmers can increase the effectiveness huge manner as far as pesticides and fertilizers are concerned. On the other hand, Smart farming techniques also help in indirect operations in agriculture including the monitor of agricultural products and individual animals. In the recent past, the scenario of IT and Computing applications has radically changed and Agro Informatics has also become a field of study. Among the latest technologies, IoT or Internet of Things becomes popular and important in a different context. This paper is conceptual in nature and deals with various aspects of Smart Agriculture with special reference to the IoT applications in Agro field.

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